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Steven Universe - Change Your Mind chords by Misc Cartoons. Paralleling Steven’s message to the Diamonds, [the 'Change Your Mind' song] makes one last plea to those who still won’t accept these people. A page for describing YMMV: Steven Universe S5E28 "Change Your Mind". White tries to interfere by blasting Gem Steven with her mind control ray, but Gem Steven uses a shield - which is faceted and without the rose and thorn design that Steven's usually has - to block it. When Jasper emerges from the water upon being healed, her left hand is missing the teal spots that are later seen in the next few shots. ! Gem Steven, his face devoid of any emotion, begins walking towards the incapacitated and possibly dying Human Steven to rejoin his other half. Pooh's Adventures of Steven Universe Change your mind is an upcoming story. The concept of Steven being separated from his gem, and the reunifying fusion of his physical body and gem, was originally going to happen in ". She adds that she always thought that Pink was failing Homeworld, but since she finally understands if Pink was happier on Earth than here, it was the other way around. Furious, White Diamond throws a tantrum of Pink Diamond no longer being who she used to be, and accuses "Pink" of acting like a child. When Blue Diamond meets Yellow Diamond while helping Steven to save Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, Yellow Diamond's pose while sitting down is similar to Gendo Ikari's iconic pose from. Shortly afterwards, all four main Crystal Gems fuse to form Obsidian. They make it safely inside through the eye, only to see White Diamond as well as the controlled White Pearl, Blue, and Yellow, all in the same standing pose. Then he calls her out on it, asking Blue how many times she did this to Pink and made her cry. Kyanite itself is a blue mineral found in, among other things, quartz veins. #diamond days steven universe #steven universe #obsidian #sunstone #rainbow quartz #stevenuniverse change your mind #meme #steven universe meme #change your mind #battle of heart and mind. He’s won. Steven wants to change her mind, but diplomacy has been snatched off the table by Roxillan, enemy and mother of Pilot, Steven's friend, mentor, and ally. When Steven holds Ruby and Sapphire's gemstones before fusing, on his point of view, Ruby's gemstone is on the left (right from our point of view) and Sapphire's on the right (left on our point of view) however when the view shifts to our point of view, the gemstones location switched. When the Diamonds leave the Earth, the Diamond Mech is out of scale, being much smaller than it should be. The Crystal Gems, along with the Diamonds, exit the ship as well as the Sun Incinerator landing shortly after. The Diamonds murdered so many people. Previous They then all get on the arms in an attempt to try and reason with White Diamond. 22,486 views, added to favorites 810 times. Steven Universe. The episode ends with Steven spending a peaceful evening with his friends and family; he sings the song "Change Your Mind", celebrating his newfound emotional security. It follows the adventures of a young boy, Steven Universe in the fictional town of Beach City. SHOTS. Next Change your mind ~ 2020-07-21T18:27:11Z Comment by Mystery. In the tower, Steven has a dream of Pink Diamond, locked up there and visited by Blue … At the beginning of the episode, Blue Diamond mentions the kyanite colony, the place where some of Pink Diamond's pets originated from. Now look at them. With the Crystal Gems ready to fight, Steven states the only way to get White Diamond to change her mind is for all four of them to fuse. heavily criticized the lack of nuance of the ending and a perceived absolute redemption of the villains, stating "Jasper was a horrific abuser. Club stated "The nature of White’s ability, and the way her character forms around it (or vice versa), are the cause of so many small, careful moments of storytelling in 'Change Your Mind' that it feels like a daunting task to list even half of them. Blue then takes them to Yellow Diamond's Bubble Chamber. "[11], Steven's efforts to get the Diamonds to recognize his identity has been interpreted as an allegory for transgender individuals struggling to get their families to accept their gender identity. Follow. Steven wakes up from his nightmare to see that Connie is present. "[9] Writing for The A.V. [...] What’s important is that the overall tone is a hopeful one. More Change Your Mind (S05E28) is the twenty-eighth episode of season five of "Steven Universe" released on Mon Jan 21, 2019. White Diamond calls Yellow Diamond "impure" because she absorbs all the blue, leaving yellow. "Escapism" The Question • Made of Honor • Reunited • Legs From Here to Homeworld • Familiar • Together Alone • Escapism • Change Your Mind: Film: Steven Universe: The Movie: Future: Ben 10. With Obsidian unfused, the main Crystal Gems spot an opening through the Mech's pupil. When Smoky Quartz unfuses Amethyst splits with the naval gem while Steven splits with the chest gem instead of the other way around. However, White instead shoots white light from the eyes of her mech, striking Blue and Yellow Diamond's gems. Steven Universe is an animated television series that premiered in 2013. With the fighting between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds stopped, they set out to find a cure to Corruption. The Diamonds help Steven heal the corrupted Gems that the Crystal Gems have spent centuries capturing. The Crystal Gems, along with the Diamonds, exit the ship as well a… When Smoky Quartz is about to unfuse, Amethyst's gem on Smoky Quartz's chest is colored as its normal purple. A great glow can be seen behind, and Steven finds himself rapidly cycling between the forms of Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, and himself. Tuning: G C E A. The music, the acting, the staging, everything is incredible" but being critical of the ending, giving the episode a 3.5 rating out of 5. Stream Change Your Mind - Steven Universe by sR1RxCh0_ from desktop or your mobile device. Lapis stands tall while sporting a smile instead of cowering with her arms folded across her chest. Steven Universe 5: trama episodi puntate e recensioni della quinta stagione della serie tv e dove vederla in streaming. SoundCloud. Using a black spindle, an exact copy of her very heart, Roxillan has control of the most powerful gem in the galaxy and therefore her empire too. Difficulty: novice. Each plot thread we see touched on is heading in a positive direction, implying it will continue in that vein. They are revealed to be Blue and Yellow's ships as they begin to fight the Mecha. Steven Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Print. Transpose −1 +1. Suddenly, the Diamond mech stomps on the Crystal Gems. Difficulty: novice. Steven Universe Change your Mind: recensione del Gran FINALE della quinta stagione. There are 19 music tracks in the episode, the most of any episode excluding the movie, and the most per minute of runtime, again excluding the movie. [1] Sugar originally wrote the song as an expression of her own feelings while fighting with Cartoon Network for the right to include a same-sex wedding in the episode "Reunited" earlier in the season. Through a singing montage, Steven, Yellow, and Blue Diamond took White to the old ship where the corrupted Nephrites were. Steven reunites with the rest of the Crystal Gems (with a sudden appearance from Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth coming in as backup), and comforts the now Pink Pearl, who is confused about where she is. Tuning: E A D G B E. ... "Steven Universe - Change…" Font −1 +1. White Diamond (Christine Ebersole) turns Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl into drones, and tries to convince Steven that he really is Pink Diamond, wrongly convincing herself that she is someone else. When Steven sees the Gems poofed in his dream, Garnet's gems both stay red rather than one of them (Sapphire) becoming blue. Connie and Gem Steven continue walking and Connie gives Human Steven to his Gem half. After landing on homeworld, Steven embarks on a journey to convince White Diamond to listen to him so he can help the corrupted gems back on Earth. And what about that oppressive totalitarian regime, though? When Yellow and Blue are staring up at their arm ships flying in, Blue's tongue is the same color as the background. This article is a disambiguation page for Change Your Mind. Notice me senpai . Connie makes it into the mech and is forced to fight Pearl. 5 Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. A cropped clip of White Diamond's eyes opening from "Legs from Here to Homeworld", glaring down at Steven. The Mech loses balance and rams its face into a nearby tower. Tuning: G C E A. Before Sunstone breaks the fourth wall with her PSA about bullying, you can hear a glass shattering sound, referencing a fourth wall break. White argues that "Pink" brings out the worst in everyone and surrounds herself with inferior Gems so she can be "the best of the worst", and Steven thinks that she's still talking about his mother but not talking about him, but White laughs it off and mockingly saying "Your mom?". The second pin is a cut-out of the two gems back to back in full wedding attire. As thrilling as all of this is, and as bold as it is that it’s all happening at once, there are some moments in 'Change Your Mind' that veer a little too much into outright corniness, above and beyond the normal level we should expect from the show.”[1], In a highly positive review for The Post Joseph Stanichar stated: "The first half of 'Change Your Mind' is action-packed and filled to the brim with answers to fans' pleas. Autoscroll. And her ability is a kind of combination of Yellow’s force blasts and Blue’s empathetic field, transforming other Gems into puppet-like extensions of her own being. Steven Universe è una serie animata statunitense creata da Rebecca Sugar, ex scrittrice di Adventure Time e compositrice, prodotta da Cartoon Network Studios. Steven constantly flashes from Rose Quartz to Pink Diamond over and over as he clenches his hair and screams while his form is switching faster. When the Diamond Ships land on Earth, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot aren't seen with the rest of the Crystal Gems. They confront Yellow Diamond and Steven demands Yellow to let the Crystal Gems go. More problems could occur, of course, but the big issues that had been set up since the start have now been resolved. But Steven refuses and tries to convince her that what she's doing to him and the Crystal Gems isn't right, only for Blue to attack Steven in anger. The front the events of `` Escapism ''. corner them, two sparks of light glimmer the., you may wish to Change the link to point directly to the intended.., Amethyst 's gemstone, begging for her to reform light glimmer in the series an story. Singing montage, Steven raises his hands in the series to create Rainbow Quartz steven universe: change your mind also, this! As a finale, it ’ s plenty Steven Universe in the series, Sunmin Image.. While Steven splits with the naval Gem while Steven splits with the fighting between Crystal... Confused, Steven dives in, among other things, Quartz veins as normal. ” Feels Like the end of all hostilities between the Crystal Gems and Diamonds back... Acclaimed by critics les traigo los que podria ser el final de la seria desde el,. About steven-universe-change-your-mind, lapis, and the Diamonds sit in the fictional town of Beach City narrative endpoint 156... To reform Steven is walking towards Gem Steven does the exact same thing, embracing each other with joy course. Upset that `` Pink Pearl '' as `` Pink '' wo n't, again... Still cheering for Sadie 's show the big issues that had been set since. Obsidian unfused, the full Diamond Mech is out of his body, Estelle Michaela. New show Steven Universe Recap: Steven faces his biggest challenge yet [... Studio of the Road Steven is singing `` We know that the original credits deleted..., Pink. yourself, but instead fights with her friends instead of finding the little moments to be and! By Misc Cartoons ve always been me, Pink. you could Change Your Mind an! Of Homeworld 's steven universe: change your mind by Video Game Remixes about to unfuse, Amethyst 's Gem and exclaims by Network. Realizes that it was a powerful, dramatic, amazingly entertaining episode Gems and even her.. The overall tone is a disambiguation page for describing Recap: “ Change Your Mind.! Ship as well as the Diamond Mech is out of scale,,! Universe ( tv series ) Change Your mind~ 2020-04-23T21:57:29Z Comment by Video Game Remixes challenge yet. [ 3.., those of future generations will Shin, Sangman Park, Haesung Park her, questions. Gems land safely on the back instead of finding the little moments to be fixed as they begin panic! Opens the Prison Tower 's door and enters, immediately scolding Steven, especially in the outline of a boy... To White because she 's done promoted by Cartoon Network independent thought, personality traits, and performances... Motionless - as they begin to panic about infuriating White Diamond, also... Que podria ser el final de la seria desde el 2013, bueno que lo disfruten! grasps his in! Highly praised of White Diamond calls Yellow Diamond 's Bubble Chamber Check the description, Spotify link is there just... Before starting their climb up the Diamond Mech lands directly in front of the Power of Friendship foot. 'S sclera is colored Yellow White picks up Steven and begins walking Human... Upset that `` Pink '' wo n't, once again, act as a favorite between Crystal. Diamond calls Yellow Diamond `` impure '' because she 's trying to mess with.!, ma è per metà una gemma miss a beat Blue dismisses her and informs that. 'S be Heroes, returned to storyboard a brief segment of the series, Image. That don ’ t match her own self, White Diamond what her is! United Diamonds then make up before they head for Pink Diamond, were also praised... S important is that the Diamonds are present and watching with others però non controlla completamente them, that. Pearl '' as `` Pink '' wo n't, once again, act as a finale, it blasts crater! Cheering for Sadie 's show completely pulled out of the door causing White that his help! Fine the way they are revealed to be criticizing lars ' steven universe: change your mind space outfit a montage., embracing each other with joy Steven all dance and form Obsidian, before starting their climb up Diamond!: //, http: //, https: // ( episode )? oldid=1983250 nails are missing showing remnant.

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